Space Hoppers from Killergram

Another hot scene with our sexy gal, Carmel Moore is here for you guys as promised. She wanted to surprise her man once again after a long business trip he took. He was gone for a while and she missed him, but she was to caught with her job here and just couldn’t visit him. So she found out when he was coming home and decided to make true one of his sexual fantasies. After thinking a while, she remembered about a talk they had before he left about him wanting to bang a slutty college student. This was the perfect occasion to make it came true, so she got a sexy pink uniform.

When he arrived, he found his door opened and there were candles all over the house. So he followed the candle until their bedroom and there she was. Sexy as hell, with her sexy uniform, licking her lollipop and waiting to take of his lollipop as well. He just couldn’t get his eyes off her huge juggs and her fine ass that was waiting to get spanked. So he started taking off his pants as he entered the room, while Carmel got on her knees with a big smile on her face. Carmel started sucking his fat tool and then jumped on the bed, spread her legs wide open and shoved his hard tool deep in her eager pussy. Don’t miss out the entire CarmelMoore scene and we’ll see you next time with more hot updates. Also you can enter the Amazing Astrid site and watch a beautiful blonde finger fucking her tight pussy!


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