Hardcore Hammering

Another day, another cock for you gal Carmel Moore. She gets bored quickly so she has to change her men as often as possible. That’s way she goes to all kind of events to know as many guys as possible. This time she went to this new club that just opened to see what she could find there and it sure was a lucky night. She went dressed up with this sexy black dress with high heels, it was impossible to go home alone that night. After chatting with many guys there she finally met one that got her interest. Of course he wasn’t interested at first and didn’t even notice her. So Carmel decided to get his interest and went to the bar and sat right next to him cause she was very horny, she adores to fuck, just like slutty Kandi Cox! While she was waiting for her order, he just couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Carmel returned to the table knowing it wouldn’t take him to too long to come at her table. He send her a drink at first and after he came and they started talking. He was so into her and Carmel was more then happy because now she had a guy to take home. So after a few glasses she accepted to go to his place. But they barely make it to the door, because they were all over each other. By the time they got in the living their were barely wearing anything so Carmel took over control. Pushed him on the couch spread her legs and stuffed his big cock deep in her pussy and started riding it like crazy. So don’t miss it out! If you can’t resist until the next week’s update, check out the celebrityf.org blog and watch some nude fake celebs getting fucked!


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