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Carmel Moore is back with another hardcore scene for all you lucky guys. A few days ago it was her man’s birthday and she wanted to prepare something special for him. She organized a surprise party with all his friends at this fancy restaurant. She asked a friend to help her out and bring him there, without telling him a word. When he entered the room he was so happy. But the real present was waiting for him at home. After they all got pretty dizzy and the party ended they went home, where everything was set.

While he went to take a shower, Carmel put on her sexy lingerie, showing off her amazing curves, those huge juggs and her sexy ass. But the shower took him so long that she just couldn’t wait and got in the shower with him. After she got her pussy roughly hammered in the shower, she decided to take care of his fat cock, sucking it just like the sluts from ghetto gaggers galleries. So she quickly got on her knees and in just a few seconds she grabbed his tool and started sucking it.


Carmel just couldn’t stop sucking it until she got covered with creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face. So don’t miss out the entire gallery and see how this insane scene ended. Enjoy it and see you next time with more updates!


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Cum Into My Office

Carmel Moore is back as promised with another insane scene. This time our hottie got set up in a blind date by some of her friends. She was complaining the other day that she is the only one single in the group so they decided to make her a surprise. They set her up without her knowing a thing. She had to go to a restaurant to met with her gals, but surprise, there was a hot guy waiting for her at their usual table. After she sat at the table and started talking with him she found out about their little plan. She felt embarrassed at first  but after taking a better look at him, she thought to take advantage of the situation and to take him home.

So after they finished their dinner they went to her place. He was a complete gentleman, but he just couldn’t refuse another glass of wine with the gorgeous blonde. After they made themselves comfortable on the white couch from her office, Carmel just couldn’t take it anymore and jumped on him, simply because she is crazy about riding monster cocks, just like hot Kimberly Kane. She started kissing his neck and slowly undressing him. He was more than pleased with their date until now, but it seemed it was going to get better and better. So he undressed her as well, showing off her delicious curves and her huge tits. It didn’t took them too long to start sucking and fucking all over the place. After Carmel took care of his big cock, she shoved it deep in her juicy pussy. Enjoy it!



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Carmel Moore Blowjob at Killergram

You don’t want to miss this Carmel Moore blowjob scene! She’s well known for her cock sucking skills and in this scene you are going to find out why. She just can’t get enough cocks that’s for sure and she sure doesn’t like refusing guys. The other day she went to a casting for a commercial. After waiting for half a day, she finally got in the room, but they didn’t seemed to happy with her performance so she decided to get sure that she would get the part. So she waited for the audition to end and to try to convince them once again with her hidden skills. Like sexy Kiki Vidis, this hot blonde is crazy about sucking cocks!

After the last gals got out of the room, she asked to speak with the director privately to discuss some personal issues, and she sure did. After explaining why she need so desperately the part she told him that she would do anything for it. Of course, like any straight man he asked for the obvious. So Carmel got on her knees and did what she knows better. She stuffed his tool in her filthy mouth and didn’t stop sucking it until she was all covered with creamy loads of cum. But that is only the beginning, she then continued with shoving the fat tool in her juicy pussy deeper and deeper. Enjoy it! Wanna see another beauty showing off her impressive tits? If you do, visit the site and see gorgeous Tori getting wild!


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Space Hoppers from Killergram

Another hot scene with our sexy gal, Carmel Moore is here for you guys as promised. She wanted to surprise her man once again after a long business trip he took. He was gone for a while and she missed him, but she was to caught with her job here and just couldn’t visit him. So she found out when he was coming home and decided to make true one of his sexual fantasies. After thinking a while, she remembered about a talk they had before he left about him wanting to bang a slutty college student. This was the perfect occasion to make it came true, so she got a sexy pink uniform.

When he arrived, he found his door opened and there were candles all over the house. So he followed the candle until their bedroom and there she was. Sexy as hell, with her sexy uniform, licking her lollipop and waiting to take of his lollipop as well. He just couldn’t get his eyes off her huge juggs and her fine ass that was waiting to get spanked. So he started taking off his pants as he entered the room, while Carmel got on her knees with a big smile on her face. Carmel started sucking his fat tool and then jumped on the bed, spread her legs wide open and shoved his hard tool deep in her eager pussy. Don’t miss out the entire CarmelMoore scene and we’ll see you next time with more hot updates. Also you can enter the Amazing Astrid site and watch a beautiful blonde finger fucking her tight pussy!


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Hardcore Hammering

Another day, another cock for you gal Carmel Moore. She gets bored quickly so she has to change her men as often as possible. That’s way she goes to all kind of events to know as many guys as possible. This time she went to this new club that just opened to see what she could find there and it sure was a lucky night. She went dressed up with this sexy black dress with high heels, it was impossible to go home alone that night. After chatting with many guys there she finally met one that got her interest. Of course he wasn’t interested at first and didn’t even notice her. So Carmel decided to get his interest and went to the bar and sat right next to him cause she was very horny, she adores to fuck, just like slutty Kandi Cox! While she was waiting for her order, he just couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Carmel returned to the table knowing it wouldn’t take him to too long to come at her table. He send her a drink at first and after he came and they started talking. He was so into her and Carmel was more then happy because now she had a guy to take home. So after a few glasses she accepted to go to his place. But they barely make it to the door, because they were all over each other. By the time they got in the living their were barely wearing anything so Carmel took over control. Pushed him on the couch spread her legs and stuffed his big cock deep in her pussy and started riding it like crazy. So don’t miss it out! If you can’t resist until the next week’s update, check out the blog and watch some nude fake celebs getting fucked!


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Carmel Moore Fucked on Digital Playground

As promised we returned with another hot scene with Carmel Moore. Nobody likes cheating and Carmel is no different that the rest. She went to her man’s office the other day to make him a surprise, but she was the one surprised. She caught him with his slutty secretary fucking on his desk. It seemed weird that his door was closed with the key, but luckily he gave her a key in the beginning of their relationship. Huge mistake! When she saw them she just couldn’t believe her eyes and left the office without telling him a word. The busty blonde went to her best friend to talk about what happened that day and they both agreed that she needed revenge. And what hurts more that to fuck his best friend?

Carmel got to business and asked his best friend out for a drink to talk. When they met he already knew what his mate did so he didn’t try to defend him. After she got it all out of her chest, she asked him if he could come over at her place because she has some problem with her cable and she just didn’t want to call her ex. Of course he couldn’t say no. But while he was repairing her cable problem she appeared completely naked in front of him and they ended up doing what she wanted. They started fucking all over the place, she just couldn’t wait to get his cock deep in her pussy and to suck it. If you wanna see another beauty getting roughly hammered, visit Shauna Grant‘s site! See you next time, friends!


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Get Shafted

Carmel Moore sure knows how to pick her cocks, you know what they say the bigger the better. That was made naughty Carmel to end up with this black hunk in the same bed. The other day she noticed that some one was moving in her neighborhood at first she didn’t was too interested. A few days later she finally saw her neighbor, a ripped black hunk that just couldn’t get his eye of her huge juggs. We all know that she is crazy about fucking every time she has the chance, just like slutty Jess Davies, so Carmel got a bit interested, but not enough to make the first move, but that changed with she saw him at her door step the other day. She just couldn’t imagine what he wanted from her. He actually came over to invite her to a welcome party he was throwing to know the neighbors.

She didn’t want to seem rude so she went to his Sunday barbeque although she didn’t was in the mood. She noticed that he was talking with everyone else, but not with her so after the party ended she offered to help him out. One thing led to another and she ended up asking him if he has any problems with her. Carmel was curious to find out why he has ignored her during the entire barbeque. When she heard that he wanted to get to know each other better after the party, she knew what was going to happen next. It didn’t took them too long to get in the bedroom and to started fucking like crazy. She just couldn’t wait to her his big black tool in her pussy and stretch it to the limits. Enjoy it! If you liked this cutie you can visit blog and watch other busty chicks getting fucked!


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Carmel Moore Gets Fucked

Carmel Moore gets fucked and fucked hard, so you don’t wanna miss this! Carmel met with her highschool lover the other day in town and they agreed to go out the next week to catch up with what they’ve been to in the last years. Carmel thought he wasn’t going to call her, but surprise. Her sweetheart gave her a call right the next day and they settled a date that evening at this fancy restaurant. Carmel was so excited, she was kind of attracted to him so this was the perfect occasion to see if he learned new things in the sack. This beautiful blonde put on her sexy red dress, high heel and fishnet stockings.

All night he just couldn’t take his eyes away from her and she noticed it. So she got the most of it and took him at her place for a last fuck. When they arrived at her place they just couldn’t keep their hands of each other. It didn’t took them too long to get undressed and in the sack. After Carmel finished sucking his hard tool she them shoved his fat cock deep in her pussy. So don’t miss out this insane scene and see hot CarmelMoore in action. Enjoy it and see you next time! Wanna see another beauty getting fucked? If you do, enter the website!


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Carmel’s Rough Fuck

Another hardcore fuck scene is here and it’s brought to you by gorgeous Carmel Moore. As you noticed she likes getting fucked, fucked hard every chance she gets. This time isn’t different from the rest and she got what she wanted. Like busty Dawn from dawnsplace galleries, this stunning babe has some impressive breasts! Busty Carmel went shopping with some friends and stopped at a coffee shop for a drink and they ended up staying there for the rest of the day. While she drank her coffee she noticed that the cute bartender was checking her out, but she didn’t what to say anything until she was sure. But all that changed after she received a cocktail from him. After her gals left she went to the bar to chat with him. Time passed so quickly and before you know it was closing time.

She didn’t want to go home and he noticed that, so he suggested to stay for another drink after he closed the place. After many glasses she started making out with him. She was kind of horny, she didn’t had a good fuck for a while now so she made the best of it. They started ripping each other’s clothes off and Carmel ended up with his fat cock in her mouth, sucking it next to the bar. Then moved to the couches and she got his hard tool deep in her pussy, stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss it out and we’ll be back next time with more hardcore updates. Until then, vist the site and see another hot pornstar riding big cocks!


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Carmel Moore – Brown Sugar Rush from Killergram

Carmel Moore just couldn’t wait to share her latest gallery with you guys, so here it is! She ended up in bed with another ripped hunk that had the perfect tool for her pussy. They met at this birthday party they both attended last night. This busty blonde was a close friend of the birthday gal and he knew her husband from work. He friend suggested her to go talk to him, because he was a catch. He was handsome, with an amazing body and from what she heard good in bed as well. That made Carmel curious, so she decided to find out by herself is any of it is true. She started dancing and before you know it she ended up next to him, rubbing her sexy round ass against his big cock.

It didn’t took them too long to start making out and when she started touching him and grabbed his big cock she knew she made the right choice. So they searched for an empty bedroom and started undressing each other. He started kissing his body, massaging her huge melons while she just couldn’t wait to get down to his tool. So she pushed him on the bed and shoved his hard cock in her filthy mouth and just couldn’t stop sucking it until she got cum all over her juggs. Then she spread her legs wide open and got his big cock deep in her pussy stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss it out! Also you might visit the site and see another slutty blonde getting fucked!


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